Third day in Shanghai

3. Day today
I started the day driving through the french concession, collecting the impressions of the very creative activities of the chinese people in the park, such as writing letters with water on the ground or the contemplate movements of Taichi. Than I met Julia Dautel and Nicole Keller, who know Shanghai very well.
I had the pleasure to join them when they where going around visiting the street kitchen people they wrote about in their book ” Shanghai Strassen Küchen” and surprising them
with the book which is published now. It is a pleasure to watch them when they cook and also all of them still where there in that area after 2 years .
Last evening we where talking about the streetkitchen and a guy who lives here for years told me that the city is getting more strict with them now as in the years before.
Today I could watch a scene where a small streetmarket have to close.
In the evening Julia asked a waitress if she could write me a sign : ” Hello, can I Invite you for a small meal of my country, for free ! ”
so I will start my street cooking next days …

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