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We are two German artists, Per Schumann and Malte Zacharias building Mobile-Cooking-table-carts out of materials that we will find at recylingcenters and in the streets, then travelling through cities by foot with stops in gardens and galleries and public spaces….searching for the niches and gaps there.

Join us on our tours, follow this blog or invite us to your place! What we usually do is to involve different communities into a spontaneous cooking and gardening exchange, like in past trips starting in San Francisco 2010, going ahead to visit Portland, Istanbul and New York.The background of our work is to find or create places in the city that allow people to enter a space beyond the usual settings of working life and family: transforming Galleries or other spaces into a temporary oasis, a green gap to come together .

On our tour we will offer a cook-together, and the exchange of ideas about existing and future projects in Berlin and elsewhere.

The cart can fold out to a long table and is equipped with a small gas cooker

Malte :
Per     :

0_Per_Malte1 Kopie0_Per_Malte2 Kopie

Anarcook dinner placemat at Prinzenssinnengarten Berlin

preparing the tour

Draft of the mobile kitchen cart

draft of the mobile kitchen cart

Cooking classes for kids, Berlin

One thought on “About us

  1. Karen on said:

    Feel free to stop by any of the community gardens in Brooklyn on your way to Open Space! There are five community gardens in our area — three along Columbia Street, south of Atlantic and two along Van Brunt, one block over. Ours is called the Backyard Garden and is located at Summit and Van Brunt, right behind the Battery Tunnel. The gates are generally open on weekends. Just thought I would throw that out there. Hope to see you and the cart — wonderful idea! Welcome to New York!!

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